The Arca Accessory Pack
Not all electric skateboards are meant to be strapped to a backpack
- Atlerbags Team

Designed with 2 sections for additional layers of storage. Includes padded zipper pouch, 2 anti slip grid panels and a larger padded section with removable inserts. Perfect for those hefty 12s battery chargers. Approximate dimensions are 12.5"L , 9.5"W, 4.5"H. Fit perfectly with all Native Backpacks

Attachment Ladder System

To allow for additional add-ons of various accessories. Included are 2 straps that can be used to secure your pack to your boards. Perfect for those days you just want to go for ride light and without a backpack but still have some essential items with you.


Keeping zippers tucked away neat and discreet.

Water Resistance 

Outer material is treated with water repellent coating and paired with water resistant zippers.

Fully Padded 

Padded interiors and handle. For protection of your items and provide a comfortable carrying experience.

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