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The Arca Pack
Not all electric skateboards are meant to be strapped to a backpack
- Atlerbags Team
Alterbags Arca Pack

Designed with 2 sections for additional layers of storage. Includes padded zipper pouch, 2 anti slip grid panels and a larger padded section with removable inserts. Perfect for those hefty 12s battery chargers. Approximate dimensions are 12.5"L , 9.5"W, 4.5"H. Fit perfectly with all Native Backpacks

Attachment Ladder System
Alterbags Arca Pack Buckle

To allow for additional add-ons of various accessories. Integrated straps on the base with an anti-slip design that can be used to secure your pack to your boards. Perfect for those days you just want to go for ride light and without a backpack but still have some essential items with you.

Padded Handles
Alterbags Arca Pack Handle

For a more comfortable carrying experience.

Water and heat resistance
Alterbags Arca Pack Material

Outer material is a silicone coated fiberglass, with a dust proof finish providing additional water and heat resistantance.

Photo-reflective strips
Alterbags Arca Pack

Enhanced visibility while on rides

Shoulder strap attachment
Alterbags Arca Pack

Optional shoulder strap attachment for ease of carrying your Arca

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