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Getting Started With Your
Native Backpack
(How to strap your board onto your backpack)
Step by step guide

Unbuckle the fastening straps

Fully unzip the outer board compartment zipper

Fully unzip the inner board compartment zipper

All bags come with an optional deck sleeve, recommended to install for a more secure fit

Ensure that all the inner buckles are released

Recommended positioning the rear motors/wheels just below the base of the bag. For some boards eg. leiftech, you may choose to position the board with the deck facing up, to get a better fit because of the feet bindings

Fasten the buckles as shown. The base buckle goes around the bottom truck to provide additional support

Zip up the inner board compartment as shown

Buckle the fastening straps. For boards with thicker enclosures, you might not be able to fasten both buckles. Just tuck the loose buckles neatly into the board compartment and use the outer zipper to secure it

The integrated helmet pouch is stored in the front pocket

Secure the helmet pouch with the loops located at each side of the backpack

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