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Shipping update part 2

Hey there everyone! For those who pre-ordered or are waiting to order our backpacks, I am sure you are anxiously waiting to know where exactly are they right now. So to give a quick update on that...

Sorry for the blurry image, a potato camera was used :(

Good news is that production of the bags are completed and packed for shipping from our manufacturing site to us for quality control checks before heading out to you guys!

The not so good news is that right now they are currently undergoing customs inspections before they can be shipped to us because this is a much larger batch than the previous one. As of now all the paperwork is done our end and we are now waiting on the customs approval before they are shipped out.

So after all said and done when will we be actually shipping them out to you guys?

Right now we are expecting to receive the shipment by the end of next week (hopefully if everything goes smoothly) and once we receive them we will begin to ship out orders on a first come first serve basis.

So instead of promising dates to you guys this time, please do keep a look out for our announcements in the following weeks! We will be updating everyone on a weekly basis on this matter and thank you all once again for your patience and support!

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot an email to or any of our social media channels and I will be happy to answer them.



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