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Deck Covers for your Skateboards/Longboards


Native Backpacks already come with a deck cover for their respective sizes

These are additional add-ons if different sizes are required


Best paired with your Native Backpacks


Available in 2 sizes (Maxi and Mini) and includes a carrying pouch


Ships in 3-5 business days


Recommended to purchase as an add-on to your Native Backpack to save on shipping costs


Do send us an email to check additional shipping rates if you are ordering more than 1 cover


Duties & taxes will not be reflected in checkout and is billed separately by shipping company if applicable

Deck Covers

PriceFrom $35.00
  • Nylon deck covers for your skateboards and longboards.


    Comes in 2 sizes. Maxi stretches up to 47" and Mini up to 41" in length. The Maxi is recommended for boards up to 42", Mini for boards up to 37".


    Send us an email if unsure of fit.


    Velcro strips for additional support when strapped on backpack.


    Best paired with the Native Backpacks  by Alterbags.


    Approximate Dimensions:
    47" x 16" for Maxi
    41" x 16" for Mini


    Carrying pouch included.


* Prices in USD

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