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Hi Everyone! Introducing our latest update to the Arca Accessories Pack!

Now in a Midnight Black colourway, we added a couple additional features that you our customers have been asking for!

  • We increased the amount of padding in the secondary compartment even more protection against vibrations and accidental falls.

  • Added a photo reflective strip around the pack to help with visibility while riding, especially at night.

  • Included an additional shoulder strap to increase portability when the pack is not strapped to your board.

  • Introduced a new anti slip grip to the ladder attachment system on the rear of the pack to limit the amount of movement when the pack is strapped onto your board.

  • If you require, additional dividers and shoulder straps, they can also be purchased separately.

With these new features, the Arca Accessories Pack provides even more flexibility for riders, to use it together with a backpack or just strap it to your electric skateboard, carry the essential items and go for a ride without bringing along a backpack!

The Arca Accessory Pack in Midnight Black is available now on our website. So if you are interested do check it out here for more information!

Some sample images are shown below.

We love our user submitted content especially the amazing pictures by our customers on facebook and instagram.

Check out some of the reviews of our original Arca Accessories Pack in Dove Grey by fellow eskaters below!

In the meantime stay safe and healthy everyone!

Alter the way you carry!

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