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Hi Everyone!

A huge shout out to every who supported us thus far! We have received tremendous support for our products from the electric skateboarding community and even from manual boards riders as well.

We would like to take this opportunity to announce that our Native Backpacks are now back in stock! We also introduced a couple of minor upgrades to the design for added functionality.

Besides minor improvements in built quality, we increased the thickness of the padding in the shoulder straps for more comfort. The integrated helmet cover is now removable via zipper, allowing for more flexibility for the use of the front pocket and easier replacement. Last but not least we added 4 (2 on each side) buckles to the side of the backpack to help fasten down items stored in the side pockets and to keep the backpack compact.

These minor updates help provide additional functionality to the Native Backpack for your electric skateboarding, as well as day to day carry needs.

The Native Backpack in Dove Grey, Gunmetal and Midnight Black is now available on our website. So if you are interested do check out our website, link below, for more information!

Some sample images are shown below.

We love our user submitted content especially the amazing pictures by our customers on facebook and instagram.

Check out some of the reviews of our original Arca Accessories Pack in Dove Grey by fellow eskaters below!

In the meantime stay safe, healthy and ride hard everyone!

Alter the way you carry!

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