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Work in Progress

Hi Everyone! Ken from Alterbags here! Finally started the blog part of the website! This is essentially to log this whole crazy journey with our little venture over here and also provide some news and updates for everyone who is following up with us.

Anyway for this first post I just wanted to provide some updates to how things have been shaping up for us last couple of months since we launched our Native line of backpacks!



After selling out and delivering all our initial batch of backpacks, we are hard at work and currently in the process of manufacturing our next batch of backpacks! Still pending a couple of parts to reach the factory but glad to say all is going according to schedule and we can't wait to have them shipped out to all our customers! Here are some pictures of how things are shaping up!

Bags out in the Wild

We are excited to see our bags out there among members of the eskate community.

Check out our Instagram page @alter.bags for the latest updates on that! 

Check out a couple of them below:


Together with notable brands in the eskate community, we are proud to be part of the Paris Electric Skateboarding Cup 2019!

We will be sponsoring a Native Mini Backpack which will be up for grabs as a prize during the event. So please do check them out (click the image above) and sign up for it if you are in the area and want to attend this massive eskating event!


So that is all that has been happening so far and we have plenty of other announcements in the pipeline so please stay tuned to our social media channels!

Just to end this off, pre-orders are live now and expected shipping date to be by late August 2019. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis.

So please head on our to our website to place your order soon!

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