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Introducing the Arca Accessories Pack!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Hi Everyone!

It has been a while and yes we know that you guys are anxiously waiting for restocks of our backpacks. So just an update on that first. Production of our backpacks is currently underway and we expect them to be available sometime closer to November this year. Popular requests of some new features are being added to the Native backpack line and we cannot wait to show you what we came up with!

In other news we are excited to announce a new product line, the Arca Accessories Pack!

Its is the perfect companion for the Native Backpack, providing additional storage compartments for tools, remotes, chargers and even cameras for those who like to travel with most of their gear.

Provides the flexibility to use together with a backpack or if you want to travel light, just strap it to your electric skateboard, carry the essential items and go for a ride without bringing along a backpack!

The Arca Accessory Pack is available for pre-order now and will ship later in a week's time.

So if you are interested do check it out on the website for more information!

Some sample images are shown below.

We love our user submitted content especially the amazing pictures by our customers on facebook and instagram.

Our backpacks were also featured in a couple of Eskate related youtube videos!

Do check them out!

In the meantime stay safe and healthy everyone!

Alter the way you carry!

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